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     Here is Daddy's little girls just 24 hours after having major knee surgery to repair a Grade 4 Luxated Patella (Dislocated Knee Cap). After 48 hours she was running on 3 legs, and before 72 hours she was walking on all 4. Wouldn't you know in keeping up with her big sister Kayla she went into heat the very same day as Kayla. Of course Kayla went ahead and got fixed and poor little Bisous had to be uncomfortable and bleeding while recovering from her surgery. If you know of someone that needs an excellent K-9 orthopedic surgeon I highly recommend Dr. Jack Henry in Woodland Hills, CA.


      Here was a fun trip to the Fire Hydrant in Venice. The Fire Hydrant is a sandwich  cafe which invites as well as caters to dogs. Along with Bourgeois and Bisous you can see our fawn pug friends - Desi and Lucy, and our little Black Pug Pals -- Brother & Sister -- Gobbles and Ashley



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